Therapist Profile

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Lorna M Firth 3

Practice Area:

Practice Address:

Disabled Access: No



Website: http://

Home visits: No

Qualifications/Memberships: DHP DPLT PNLP, Trainer for GOE, Emo Pract/Trainer, Hypno-band Pract, Master EFT Pract/Trainer NRHP(o/s) AMT Mnemodynamic Reg, GOE


Specialities: mnemodynamics, phobias, smoking cessation, EFT, weight loss


Offers Supervision: No


NRHP Number: 08-1474

NRHP Category: Full

NRHP Year Joined: 2008

Therapists are asked to list up to five specialisations – e.g., treating anxiety, depression, phobias, hypnotic gastric band therapy, & childbirth. However, in view of the many areas in which hypno-psychotherapy can help, these are not definitive, and some therapists prefer not to list any, so as not to limit themselves.

Some therapists are willing to take NHS funded referrals from GPs. However, you will need the prior agreement of your GP for such an arrangement.

Please click here for a list explaining the letters under ‘Qualifications’, which may also include memberships of other organisations.