Organisation & Administration

The administration of the NRHP shall be controlled by a Board of Directors composed as follows:-

A) A Chairman appointed by the Directors.

B) Directors elected by the membership of the NRHP

The normal tenure of the elected posts shall be three years, reappointment for a further term being permitted. In appointing these directors, nominations will be called for and, when necessary, a ballot of members held.

C) The Board may co-opt as a Director, a person who is willing to act, either to fill a vacancy or as an additional Director or Chairman. A Director or Chairman co-opted by the Board under this Article will hold office only until the next following AGM, and will not be taken into account in determining the Directors who are to retire by rotation at the meeting. If a co-opted Director is not re-appointed at that AGM, he will automatically vacate office at the end of the meeting;

A quorum of the Board of Directors shall comprise one half of the Directors then holding office.

The Board of Directors shall have the power to appoint other officials, e.g. Secretary, Treasurer, Delegates, etc., to carry out various administrative duties, and to co-opt persons to undertake research or other tasks as decided upon by the Board of Directors. These appointments/co-options shall not confer any right of attendance at Board Meetings, nor shall the persons appointed/co-opted have any voting powers at any Board Meetings they are asked to attend.

The Board of Directors shall have the power to:

Elect a Chairperson for a Board Meeting in the absence of (A) above , who, in addition to having one vote as a member of the Board, shall have a casting vote;

Delegate such functions as it may deem necessary.

The Board of Directors shall establish procedures, and a Committee, to deal with ethics and standards, formal complaints, grievances and disciplinary issues.