Directors & Staff

Jane Watson – Chair of the Board

Jane is qualified to Masters Level in both Psychology and Education and became a Psychotherapist in private practice in 2000. After being elected to the Executive of NHPC she was instrumental in its merger with NRHP, joining the board in 2008. She has been a UKCP delegate since 2007. Jane is an occasional trainer and qualified supervisor but makes a point of speaking up on behalf of ‘ordinary’ practitioners at every available opportunity.

Irene Loudon – Board Member

As a trichology student in the 1980s, Irene was introduced to the therapeutic value of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for emotionally disturbed patients. Aiming for excellence in her practice, she embarked on a course of training with the National College and became a member of the NRHP in 1988. Due to the diversity and complexity of client and patient needs, she has widened her qualifications over the years to embrace a broad spectrum of treatment methods. These include cranio-sacral therapy, sound therapy, phytotherapy, allergy and environmental therapy, kinesiology. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and for her service to humanity, she has been bestowed the title of Dame by the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller.

Heather Monteith – Board Member

Heather trained with the National College in the early 1990s whilst helping to set up Glasgow’s first stress centre (The Phoenix Centre) where she continued to work as a psychotherapist and stress consultant for some 20 years using the skills she’d learned through the College and specialising in the teaching of Correct Natural Breathing (which brings about the release of long held stresses and allows improvements in health on all levels and the flowering of personality and potential in the individual). Through this work Heather co-authored the published book “Trust your Breath” and co-created two university credit rated courses on Breathing within the Scottish Qualifications Framework.

This work is continued by the charity known as Trust Your Breath, formerly called The Global Respiratory Educational Advancement (GREAT) Big Trust, of which Heather is a Trustee and Chairperson.

Heather is also keenly interested in the release of creativity, skills and talents within the individual and runs courses on this theme. She is delighted to have the opportunity to be part of the NRHP Board and be able to offer these skills and expertise in the development and furtherance of the work of the NRHP.

Penny Moon – Board Member

Penny developed the foundations of A Quiet Place whilst working within a number of mainstream schools across the UK and Channel Islands. She is also an accomplished trainer and has developed a number of resources for adults and children, relaxation CDs and published papers in academic literature.

Penny’s parallel career has been as a yoga teacher for 34 years (with a 97 year old in her class.) Integral yoga and mindfulness meditation offers a very gentle form adapted for the West which anyone can practice.

Penny is a published author as well as an experienced speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator. She is also an accomplished trainer and has developed a number of resources for adults and children, relaxation CDs and published papers in academic literature.

Gavin Thomson – Board Member

Sue Washington MSc, MA, BA, CertEd, PGDHP, MNRHP – Board Member

Sue is a graduate, trainer & educator, broadcaster and writer. She has been in the field of psychotherapy for 50 years. She is a UKCP Registered HypnoPsychotherapist and holds the European Certificate in Counselling.



Shariq Hasan – Board Member